Whether you are purchasing your first home, investing in commercial property, or settling a dispute with your neighbor, our firm is here to help. 

In today’s market having a valid real estate firm to help you evaluate deals and assist you with your transactions is of primary importance. It doesn’t matter why you are buying or where, we will make sure you are being treated fairly. 

We have substantial experience in all aspects of zoning and land use issues, eminent domain, condemnation and commercial leasing as well as a wealth of experience in real estate financial transactions, including commercial mortgages, other borrowing and lending transactions, workouts, loan modifications, refinancing and foreclosures.

Our extensive experience in corporate and contract law will allow us to devise corporate structures to help you protect your assets or develop your investments. 

We are also well equipped to represent clients with respect to any other area of real estate such as:

  •   Acquisitions and Sales;
  •   Residential real estate;
  •   Commercial real estate;
  •   International Business; 
  •   Landlord/Tenant Disputes 

In addition to these services, our lawyers can are available to answer all of your questions that arise during the course of your sale or purchase. 

Few people get into basic real estate dealings expecting them to result in ligation. When an unexpected dispute does arise, you need to make sure that competent counsel can help you. With an attorney from Barducci Law Firm, on your side you will get the upper hand on any dispute.