Taking the time to truly understand your needs and concerns

Knowing your rights and having a clear understanding of the law, puts you ahead in any transaction you might decide to take on. Barducci Law tailors a unique approach to protect your rights and help you reach your goals.

Our diverse clientele includes individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small to big companies from all areas of the world that turn to us for legal advice and representation.

Professionalism does not equal detachment 

We understand that a lot of elements come into play when choosing a law firm such as: location, fees and notoriety. 

What you really need to consider though is how available will the attorney’s be for you!? 

Barducci Law Firm prides itself in putting you first. We make sure that you are able to communicate with us rapidly and that you feel comfortable turning to us for any question or problem you may have. 

Thanks to modern technology we are available for you wherever you may be. You can always reach us by phone, email, skype and even facebook. 

What we do

Barducci Law Firm’s focus is corporate law, immigration law, real estate law and maritime personal injury. We also offer legal assistance on Italian matters.

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Real Estate

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